Frequently Asked Questions about BNI

What’s the commitment for BNI

BNI requires regular attendance. The commitment is designed to foster trust and relationship building among members. Events are held to facilitate network growth and referral generation. The time investment is intended to yield business growth over time, making it a strategic commitment to the long-term success of your business.

Does BNI really work?

Yes, BNI can be highly effective when members actively engage in the networking process. Success often depends on the effort put into building relationships and providing quality referrals. Many businesses have experienced significant growth and success through their BNI participation.

Will BNI only work for mainstream businesses?

No, BNI is diverse and can benefit businesses of various sizes and industries, including niche or unusual ones. The key is in finding the right chapter with members who can understand and appreciate the value of your products or services. BNI thrives on the diversity of its members and their ability to refer business to one another.

What are the rules in BNI?

BNI has a structured format to maximize efficiency, which ensures a positive and productive networking environment. These guidelines are designed to help members generate more referrals and create a supportive community. The rules provide a framework for success

I really want to apply, but I’m about to go on a 4-week holiday, can you reserve my spot in the chapter?

Unfortunately, we are unable to reserve spots in the chapter as membership requires consistent attendance and active participation. However, we encourage you to apply when you return from your holiday, and we'll be happy to consider your application at that time.

Do I have to refer to the people in the room?

While it is not mandatory, we strongly encourage members to refer to each other as it fosters a positive and supportive environment. Building relationships and referring others is a key aspect of BNI, and it can significantly enhance the success of your networking efforts.

I’m a Financial Planner, and you’ve already got one of those. Can I apply here?

Absolutely! We believe in diversity and understand that professionals within the same industry can bring unique perspectives and specialties. Your application will be considered based on the value you can contribute to the group, and having multiple experts in a field often strengthens the overall knowledge base.

Can I bring my children to the meeting if I have them that week?

BNI meetings are designed to be professional networking environments. While we appreciate family commitments, we recommend arranging for childcare during the meetings. This ensures a focused and conducive atmosphere for business networking and referrals.

Where does my money go?

The membership fees contribute to the operational costs of running the chapter, including advertising costs, materials, and administrative support. Additionally, a large portion of the fees goes toward regional and international BNI support services. It's an investment in the growth and success of both your business and the entire BNI network.

How often are BNI events held?

BNI chapters meet weekly to ensure consistent networking and relationship-building opportunities. Our regular events allow members to engage in effective networking, share referrals, and collaborate on business opportunities. Regular attendance is key to maximizing the benefits of your BNI membership.

What's the attendance policy?

BNI places a strong emphasis on regular attendance to foster a supportive and reliable networking environment. Members are expected to attend the weekly meetings consistently. The standard attendance policy is no more than 3 absences over 6 month period, which allows for unforeseen life events or other circumstances that may arise. On occasion, if you are away on short holidays, you can send a substitute which does not count as an absence. A good substitute is someone from your own network ie client, supplier, work colleague, business associate, friend or family member. The BNI recommended guideline is no more than 3 substitutes over a 6 month period. High attendance ensures that you build strong relationships with fellow members, increasing the likelihood of receiving and giving referrals. It's an integral part of the commitment to the success of both your business and the overall success of the BNI chapter.

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